LG Election: Moyo ogunlewe and Abdulrauf Adenekan battles for kosofe LG chairmanship seat

It has been declared that the duo of
Moyo ogunlewe and Abdulrauf Adenekan has emerge as the flag bearer for chairmanship position in Kosofe Local Government Area, under All Progressive Congress and Peoples Democratic Party respectively.

The duo who are friends have caused ‘Uhuru’ in kosofe political system as political analysts have been wondering how they will both run against each other.


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Moyo ogunlewe who was recently announced as the sole candidate of the All Progressives Congress before his crossover to the ruling party over a year ago is said to have smooth relationship with Abdulrauf.

It was report that Abdulrauf, who was the former council representing Mende Maryland Area of Kosofe Local Government has contributed immensely to Ogunlewe’s Kosofe Constituency 1 House of Assembly seat under the platform of PDP twice which was unsuccessful.


Beyond the friendship angles, the popularity of political party or candidates, articulated agendas and impact the two major contenders to social, economic and political development among other in Kosofe will also be a major factor in deciding the winner of July 24 election

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