Iya Kan Food Canteen a place to be visit in Kosofe

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All lover of  home taste local memu “Yakoyo” in out  Kosofe experience is not completed without paying homage to the historical Iya kan food canteen at Nos. 19 Oluwakemi Street, Alapere, Agboyi ketu, Kosofe, Lagos.

Beyond using movie, ice cream, shawarma, chicken and chips, point and kill, freshies products, cash gifts among others to woo a woman. Iya kan delicacies is another powerful tool.

Any woman taken to Iya Kan for a launch or dinner without having goose bumps or conceding to one request after the date at the place such woman is a “Hush puppi woman”.

Iyan kan is similar to Agboyi Ketu LCDA mode of operation.  residents, friends of Agboyi Ketu don’t need to visit the council before knowing the developments ongoing within the county.

Also, you don’t need to visit Iya Kan place for eat in or compromise the social distancing triggered as result of Covid-19 pandemic before feeling the memorable taste by using food errands to make an order in the comfort of your homes and offices.


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A special visit on Friday evening to Iyan Kan, a top officer leading  Kosofe Local government revenue bus and others travelled down sighted doing Justice to a sumptuous meal at one extreme end.

The piece is not meant to market Oroki or Ajase Pokipoki Herbal mixture but to share our two weeks worthwhile experience at the Iya Kan restaurant back to back.

Without having been invited into the other rooms, not the kitchen with a woman there are certain experiments which its result can not be ascertained just by an observation or merely looking a software (woman).

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. in view of the foregoing, Iya Kan delicious food can only be judged until you visit or make an order, especially for pounded yam, Amala, swallow food, rice,beans, moimoi, fried, jollof rice with assorted meat such as goat meat, beef, fish and share your experience with us.

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