Kosofe begins desilting of drainages

The Kosofe Local government, through Direct Lanour, has begun massive desilting of drainages across Kosofe as part of efforts to rid the Local government of flood-related issues.

This was confirmed during a followup visit by our reporters to Alhaja Oluwakemi street to confirm whether the Local government under the administration of Hon. Afolabi Sofola, has mobilized contractor back to the street over unconstructed road they claimed constructed.

During the visitation Thomas Laniyan street off bush street drainage desilting and immediate evacuation was observed.

Agboyi ketu Lcda led by the executive Chairman, Mayor Dele Oshinowo recently embarked on desilting of drainages across the Council areas.

Also, over the 6months the collapsed drainage system on bush street in Kosofe yet to be fixed.

Earlier on Kosofe Local government constructed failed drainage system on faromobi ajike street and patched potholes on Alade lawal street and rehabilitated Bola street among others. However, nothing was carried out on Alhaja Oluwakemi, Ayanboye street over the last 8years according to the residents interviewed by Kosofe Post.

The OSO CDA covering the aftected
Areas, Mr. Olalekan Odujirin comtacted said both street name was submitted to Kosofe CDC for rehabilitation, construction but he only noticed some broken stones used in patching Oluwakemi street but he was not aware of any rehabilitation or construction work carried out on this particular street.

Kosofe Local government Chairman, Sofola is yet to come out clean over the alleged scam surrounding Alhaja Oluwakemi street, in Anthony Village but on Thursday desilting work in the area was in progress as monitored by Kosofe Post.

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