Technically and And Administratively Engr. Abdulfatai Oyesanya Has Performed -Hon. Adebola Abiodun

I have contributed to the development Ward C, Ikosi Oke

Party exigencies determines number of terms a councillor can contest

In an exclusive interview with the councillor representing Ikosi Oke, Ward C, under Ikosi Isheri Lcda, Kosofe Lagos,Hon. Adebola Abiodun Olalekan told Kosofe Post the impact he was able to make in his community less than 2years in office amongst other issues


KOSOFEPOST: Tell us few things about your background?

I was born into family of Obasanya Adebola. I grew at the house opposite Mr Bigg’s junction ikosi road ketu, Lagos.
I was trained and brought up in a Christianity way. I joined politics in year 2001 because my late father was a politician of blessed memory.
I have served the party at the ward level, LGA , and to the local government level.

KOSOFEPOST: As a councilor what has being your experience so far?

My Experience thus far has been eventful. At least I have the privilege of contributing to the development of my community.

KOSOFEPOST: What were you able to achieve for your people?

Yes, I have been able to provide palliative measures ,especially on roads,notably Jimoh Balogun road in collaboration with Hon Lara Oshoffa.
I have also gave back to my Alma Mata, Ikosi High School, which coincidentally is in my ward.
From my salary ,I have been able to provide welfare package to the special people, the youth and aged citizens.

KOSOFEPOST: By July 7, Eng. Abdulfatai Oyesanya will be 2years in office. As an independent legislative arm, how would you rate his performance?

He has been able to do his best within his technical and administrative capability.

KOSOFEPOST: Is there any byelaws Ikosi Isheri lcda legislative arm has being able to pass since you resumed office?

It is under approval under the executive chairman for public hearing.

KOSOFEPOST: Without constituency or Ward Project funds given to you, you have being able to make some few impact. What should the people of Ikosi Oke, Ward C , people should be expecting from you ?

The people of ward c ikosi oke , should expect quality and effective representation, though it may be difficult to ensure strict implementation of their major demands at once but I shall continue to liase with the executive arm via passionate appeal and agitation towards at least making their demands known in the appropriate quarters. It’s implementation lies solely with the executive.

I shall also endeavor to make myself accessible to all, I will also continue to maintain cordial relationship with major stakeholders within my ward as a evident in the first stakeholder / community feedback meeting held on December 24th 2017 with free health screening program and free exercise book . With a proof.

KOSOFEPOST: Hon. Bayo Osinowo and Hon. Femi Gbajabiamalla has contested for parliamentary election for 5th consecutive times and won. Do you think is ideal for a councillor to just contest twice and asked to step aside?

The issues of terms spent by state and federal legislators as against the councillor with reference to Senator elect, hon Bayo Osinowo and Hon femi Gbajabiamila depends on party exigencies.

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