Trump’s Fear of ‘Kano Votes’ in America

It is still very likely a Biden Win.

Trump’s statement claiming fraud gave him away as not so confident’ and a poor democrat.

Democrats surely have a huge edge in mail-in ballots (Early votes) in the three most important states at this point. Trust me Trump understands what’s coming, and he has a reason to be worried.

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LEFT: President Donald Trump , USA Election 2020 President elect, Joe R. Biden

He is very much afraid of ‘The Kano Votes’ (Mail-in ballots). Too many votes are waiting to be counted.

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Outgoing USA , President Donald Trump

“America must lead by example. The world is genuinely worried about America,” Lai Labode stated.

Lets assumed after the recounted votes, President Donald Trump won the majority votes in the disputed areas against the President elect, Joe Biden. Trump, however, should be told that Joe won the most important electoral college votes that succeeded the popular votes.

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