We Are Going To Make Sure All Multi-National Companies Around Adopt Some Of Our Projects – Mayor Dele

The Executive Chairman of Agboyi-Ketu LCDA, Mayor Dele Oshinowo has given an insight on how his administration will improve the qualities of lives of people in Agboyi-Ketu Coimmunity in the next four years if re-elected.

Mayor Dele recalled that, in his present administration which is coming to an end, they launched a scheme in 2019 which they refer to as “Agbo-ketu Empowerment Training Scheme” – whereby they actually moved away from the traditional way of empowering people. He stated that the least period of training is six months while the maximum is two years.


He disclosed that while training about 400 people, they also cater for the payment of their shops, equipment and also did post evaluation.
The First Set will be doing their graduation between August and September.
Going further, Mayor said if his administration is re-elected they will be working to have a special department that will be able to tap in to SDGs and other international donors.
“Some of our communities are backward in terms of development and other valuable things. That’s why we are looking for international organizations that can help. I can tell you that in Lagos State, our local government came “first” in terms of populating the list – we have over forty thousand people on board.
“This time around, we are going to make sure all multi-national companies around adopt some of our projects in our community. What I’ve noticed is that; most of these companies make their monies from rural areas of which they don’t like to spend it in rural areas. And at the end of the day, they will totally neglect where the money is coming from. How many people are living in Ikoyi, compare to Ketu, Alimosho and all others.” Mayor said.

“This is not business as usual, things will be changed drastically to the positive side. Everywhere is now computerized in our Local government compare to last two or three years. Our staffs now work effectively.”

“We have looked at our comparative advantage, which is Land. I don’t want to keep on embarking on same thing that is common in the Local government system; which is building of shopping mall, markets and all that. We decided to go into housing scheme – although, this has been there for years. But, when I came on board, I created Poverty and Investment Board – which a seasoned administrator is managing. We have been able to generate nothing less than 150 million naira from this Board and we are still generating more. The economic impacts of this have been so helpful so far in Agbo-eketu, I can tell you honourarily that we are the first LCDA that is into housing scheme. We are no more building shops again, how many people will buy it? We have been advertising it. Let me tell you, Government can do business but it should be affordable for the populace to patronize.”

Mayor stated that his administration supported the community with a relief fund of Ten Million naira which was advertise on their social media handle for people to apply without any form of political attachment during the END SARS crisis.
“If I want to do anything for my party members, it would be equally stated there that it is; “personal capacity”. Development can only come up if more powers are given or added to the Local government’s constitutional powers.” He stated.

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