Mayor Dele Oshinowo Gives Account of His Administration, Assure of His Re-Election

The Executive Chairman of Agboyi-Ketu LCDA, Mayor Dele Oshinowo has speak out over how effective his administration has been over the last four years they have come on board to oversee the affairs and steer the Agboyi-Ketu community forward.

In his word, Mayor Dele stated that his administration has been making a lot of change in the community which has convinced the community members that they can do it differently than the past administration.

This was said in an interview session the Executive Chairman of Agboyi-Ketu LCDA, Mayor Dele had with Kosofe Post.
He stated that his administration has been organizing an empowerment program that’s actually different from the traditional way of doing empowerment; like giving out grinding machines, fridges and so on.


“We have touched all sectors, even though what is coming to us is not enough for us to do all the projects; and what is required by the community. But, we have been doing things that are priority and even needed immediately in the community. Whatever we are doing is community-based, we always allow the community to give us feedback and tell us what they want; then we would prioritize it to see if it can be done.”

Going forward, he make boast that his administration has never owe anyone or contractor since they come on board, that if anybody comes out that the LCDA is owing them, then they were only referring to the last administration, as they have been handling all project that have been executed with the available fund they have on ground without going beyond it.

Mayor Dele stated that his administration is prudent in spending on any project, while it has also helped them to apply reasonable sense in whatever they are doing.

Most of our staffs and the community at large have been wondering how we are getting things done, but all what we do is that we prioritize every of our project by looking at what is at stake or needed most as at the time we are planning to carried out a particular project, in other to benefit the populace and not some certain set of people, Mayor stated.
The Executive Chairman also said they have tried to bring young people into the system, as a lot of them are shying away from politics due to their take on politics.

“People keep saying APC is bad and PDP is bad. But you can’t make any impact outside. For you to make an impact, you have to be part of the system. APC as a party has a structure likewise PDP; other parties do not have a standard structure than these two parties. To be part of the system, you have to join it.”

On the youths and vices that are happening, there a lot of crisis happening at Owode-Ile, Mile 2 and all that. It took us about six weeks; we were having meeting and also dialogue with different communities in order to achieve peace with the factional groups. They have promised us they are going to give room for peace and we are happy they are doing that now. The Commissioner of Police has promised them amnesty, if they are willing to stop ruckus in the communities.

“Empowerment Scheme is also virtually there to take the youths in. With that, they will have impacts in their families. In terms of Education – bursary supports are being provided for the students too.” The Chairman said.

Finally, Mayor Dele stated that he is certain that the people of Agboyi-Ketu is in support of his coming back due to his previous achievement his administration has been able to achieved and steer the community forward without any form of segregation.

“I can easily work down the street freely without even having any Bodyguard or escort beside me. I’m a free person: I can relate with anyone – the young, the old and virtually any caliber of person. We also have been able to bring people together and also the youths, for them to be closer to the government in order to feel the impact of governance.” Mayor said.

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