America has more to learn from countries she despised

Multiple economic sanctions including threats of travel ban would have been effected by Western countries if what happened in America’s capitol building took place in any developing country especially in Africa.

If President Trump was African, he would have been eligible for trial in the international criminal court of justice for inciting a mob action that led to the death of people.

Local and international human rights organizations would have inflated casualties and championed campaigns against the President and his administration for human rights abuses or dictatorship tendencies.

International media would have feasted on the event by relaying live reports on the attack and these reports, usually magnified, would be from their own perspectives.

Many Africans and groups would have sworn the event could never happen in Europe of America.

Africa would have been described as the dark continent ruled only by corrupt, power hungry and wicked dictators.

It is now obvious that even with her over two hundred years project on democracy, America has more to learn from countries she despises.

As it is, not one African country or President have publicly condemned Trump or the mob action. None have issued travel ban or sanctions against anyone.(Tjak)

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