Chairmanship Election: Thugs invades Ikosi Isheri APC party secretariat, destroyed properties worth of several thousands

Ahead of the All Progressives Congress Primaries election slated for tomorrow, suspected political thugs invaded Ikosi Isheri APC party secretariat destroyed properties worth of several thousands, and billboards on Friday morning.

The Executive Chairman of Ikosi Isheri LCDA, Hon Samiat Abolanle Bada, who is also contesting for the council seat has been alleged to be behind the vandalization.

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However, the Chief Press Secretary Council Chairman, Mr. Ayo Idowu has debunked the claims, saying the reports is untrue.

“The state APC Representatives came to lock up the secretariat for reasons best known to them, Ayo Idowu said.

However, one of the media aides to the Council Chairperson, Mr. Lekan Akintobi also debunked the allegations as fabricated lies.

He explained that “Officials from ACME brought election sensitive materials to the the party secretariat this morning.

“On getting there, the state delegates (accompanied by the Mayoress) met Jegede (an aspirant who was the LG Chair Caretaker) and some of his people at the LG party secretariat at Ekiti street.

“Someone raised the objection that aspirants or their followers shouldn’t be allowed to stay at the party secretariat at this moment when election sensitive materials are meant to be kept there. So, the state officials asked everybody there to vacate the party secretariat.

“To the dismay of the people there, Jegede, his PA, Ward G Chairman all disagreed to leave the party secretariat premises. This result in a small fight between the two groups (while they tried to chase them out).

“The State Secretariat later locked up the LG secretariat and returned the materials to ACME.” Akintobi claimed.

A victim shot in the leg

Loogun Sunday Jegede said the media aides statement are tissue of lies. He noted that the depatched materials accompanied by the State Officer, Mr. Abiodun Salami were non sensitive materials and the sensitive ones will be distributed by the state secretariat tomorrow morning.

He added that the party State Chairman, Alhaji Tunji Balogun never ordered the closure of the party secretariat.

He had left before the thugs allegedly led by Princess Samiat Bada invaded the party secretariat, shot several people, destroyed properties, banners, and shut down the party secretariat according to him.

The Ikosi Isheri APC party Secretary, Mr. Ayodele Oyesanya in his response said Jegede wasn’t there at all.

“The state official came in to address all the 7 ward chairmen and some party members were present. Then Mayoress came in with thugs to pursue all members out of the secretariat and instructed her thugs to beat up the ward chairmen. In the process they slapped, tore the clothes and injured 2 ward chairmen.

He added, “They even shot someone in the leg. They destroyed alot of properties in the secretariat and Mayoress herself was the onethat locked the party Secretariat,” Oyesanya alleged.

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